According to Anassa Organics, their herbal teas are delicious hot as well as iced. I trust them. They have thoroughly researced ritualised herbal tisanes, popular refreshments in this country for millennia. They provide pesticide-free, pure organic herbal teas and tisanes, so fresh, you could swear you picked them up yourself. Actually, they should have ‘freshness’ written in bold calligraphic script all over their packages. Trust me.

I trust them, and therefore, I invited my friends over for a herbalicious tea party. Since my dearest, darling friends deserve the best, I opted serving them Anassa Organics, Pure Happiness, all about genuine pure satisfaction, joy and pleasure, inner glow and outer radiation, splendid herbs steeped in hot water, served with fresh slices of oranges and lemons, in frosty glasses. A great way to stay happy and hydrated. This tisane is a stunner, incredibly delicious and healthy. My friends loved it, took their shoes off and jumped into a fresh summer drink, the perfect one to cool down, rich in antioxidants, i.e. flavonoids, most potent when herbal teas are freshly brewed and organic.

The mood, the aftertaste of the day, still linger in the air. The house still quivers with happiness, traces of laughter and alegria. The seats still warm, the tea cups echoing recent conversations, all empty. Why try to remember where you left your shoes? Who needs shoes anyway?  Sharing these herbal teas with friends proved to be such a great pleasure. Pure Happiness made a hero out of me.

Do try this steaming libation, this great gift. One of Mint, Sage, Lemon Balm and Greek Mountain Tea, in a blend, so redolent of an original Greek landscape: a place of abundance, blue skies, glorious sunny days, idyllic shores, valleys, vineyards, orchards, peace and quiet. A heaven on earth!

Anassa Organics is all the rage in Athens now. Share the passion! Pure Happiness, one of their best mingles, will make a hero out of you too.

Effie Demetriades