anassa blog May 15, 2015

Spring and everyone’s in love and flowers pick themselves

My Athens garden in May. I've been reflecting upon it lately. Already becoming a little magical zone. Blooms just starting to peak.  And then bursting overnight, mingling into a single spring-strong scented honeysweet fragrance that takes your breath away. Blissful sunshine to enjoy. Pleasant weather, little by...

anassa organics summer June 24, 2014

Would you like summer? Taste of ours, at Anassa Organics

The sky is pink and orange, the clouds lavender, the day is over. Still in the same old garden, basked in the rays of a lovely summer day. Remember that long promised herbal tea party? I forgot to mention the mint cake I baked, the colourful flip flops we all wore. Or did I? The photo reminds me of it all, and also of the Anassa herbal teas and...

anassa summertime glory garden June 15, 2014

Summertime in the glory of the garden

Summertime in the glory of the garden. Just me and Anassa Organics. Just sitting, not moving a single bit, navel gazing, spirited mental wandering, sipping frosted tea and watching the stars pop out.  Now that the living is easy, now that we are moving away from lovely, dark, deep winter into a brighter, joyous universe. Rare, perfect summer...

lemon verbena anassa May 21, 2014

Lemon Verbena Tea Parties

I am a coffee person: plain, velvet coffee, morning, day and night. For years and years, my nearest and dearest one, has been ritually preparing his precious teas, offering, every single time. I would always decline, heave a sigh of relief and drink my very own cup of coffee. But, there’s no getting away with anything. The other day, he...

cool summer drink Anassa May 09, 2014

A Fresh Summer Drink

According to Anassa Organics, their herbal teas are delicious hot as well as iced. I trust them. They have thoroughly researced ritualised herbal tisanes, popular refreshments in this country for millennia. They provide pesticide-free, pure organic herbal teas and tisanes, so fresh, you could swear you picked them up yourself. Actually, they...

pure youth April 12, 2014

Pure Youth, Age before beauty?

Age before beauty? Herodotus mentions them, the Macrobians, the ones who had mastered longevity. Nowadays however, discovering the Fountain of Youth is probably a difficult task. Anassa Organics proposes a route along an ancient tradition, one Pure Youth. A herbal mixture consisting of Rosemary, Greek mountain tea, Wildrose and Rock Rose....

mint April 09, 2014

Mint Tea

Finally! Tomorrow is the big day! Out on the picnic getaway I have  been anticipating for quite sometime now. Cold sandwiches can be assembled the night before and they pack up perfectly. Therefore, I do have many miles to go before I sleep. So, I prepare myself an Anassa mint tea. Mint and mint alone will help me figure out...

anassa pure happiness blog April 09, 2014

Is there such a thing as Pure Happiness?

  -Is there such a thing as Pure Happiness?  Would you mind listing the recipe here, Anassa Organics? -Not at all. Here it is.Go for it! I grab my notebook so as to jot it all down. Pure Happiness: It should include Greek Mountain Tea, Mint, Sage and Lemon Balm. Fair enough, but let me think aloud a bit. What do these Anassa...