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 “…Then upon opening the box, you’ll get an elevating whiff of aromatic herbs, and inside see something completely unique – a packet of biodegradable tea bags and a bunch of thin wooden sticks you can thread through them to rest on the top of your cup.”

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Greek products earn gold stars in annual Great Taste Awards

“Anassa’s Lemon Verbena hot drink, one of several organic plant and herb products, won a total of nine gold stars, as well as the title of Great Taste Producer for a third straight competition.”


Greek Herbs with touch
By Marianna Stefou

"For all tea lovers out there, this is a perfect stop for Άnassa experience, a herbal favored unhurried cup of tea from the "queen" in ancient Greek"

Greek Herbs Anassa Organics


Living Postcard by Iliada Kothra 22.11.2016
“Anassa” exceptional Hellenic products  

“ANASSA ORGANICS selects finest quality Greek products of organic farming and produce of farmers who use traditional farming practices with the utmost respect and commitment to the land.”

Living postcards 


Celebrating the Greek Earth with ANASSA ORGANICS
By Evy Vourlides , New York

greektv tea anassa organics

With its biodegradable filters that balance on tea cups with wooden supports, a metal container that perfectly preserves the herbs, and the little packet that fits just the right amount of tea— Anassa tea preparation and drinking becomes a ritual.



anassa organics by mnp design

“The sketches on the packaging convey a cheerful and playful feel, while underneath the mythical creatures there is a handwritten description of the herb’s name, property and reference. The only color on the packaging is the distinctive color of its herb.”


David Pittman 
By Collotype Labels (Italy) named Best in Show at FINAT Label Awards 2015

Finat Label Awards 2015

“A further prize, the Judges Special Award, was given to Cabas (Greece) for Anassa Organics Tea. The judges considered that this set of labels was outstanding in its story telling and the simplicity of the printing processes used.”


ANASSA ORGANICS supports the cause of 'EMEIS'

ANASSA ORGANICS supports the cause of 'EMEIS', i.e., the Scientific Society of Mastology Healing & Support. 

One euro (€1) from the sales of each package of our product Pure Symmetry will be given to support  the cause of 'EMEIS.'

ANASSA ORGANICS will donate one euro (€1) from the sales of each product of Pure Symmetry, thus supporting the work of the Society in their efforts at fighting breast cancer. 

Award-winning Pure Symmetry is a unique blend of organic herbs with properties well known since antiquity, one that is considered an ideal aid for those following a diet for weight loss, very popular with our female customers.

This is the first ANASSA ORGANICS action plan in their corporate social responsibility strategy, aiming to support women with breast cancer. In addition, through this initiative, the company wishes to contribute to public awareness in the prevention and treatment of the disease, and also to support the brilliant cause of 'EMEIS'.

According to Yanna Matthaiou and Aphrodite Florou, founders of ANASSA ORGANICS, 'Breast cancer is a reality that threatens all women, and therefore, we could not afford to stay aloof from such a socially sensitive issue. Through a simple act, such as offering a portion of our revenues from the sales of a product, we wish to raise awareness, so that all women will opt for a regular screening that can save their lives. We would like to sensitize everyone to contribute to the exceptional cause of 'EMEIS' and also to let women suffering from breast cancer feel that they are not alone in their struggle; they have support and help from us all'.

Do support 'EMEIS' by purchasing ANASSA ORGANICS Pure Symmetry.



Greek Products Steal the Spotlight in ‘Great Taste Awards 2016



Shown here with Deputy Minister of Development, Mr. Notis Mitarakis, Mrs. Yanna Matthaiou and Mrs. Afroditi Florou
at the Award Ceremony 2014



A new range of premium herbal teas and infusions. ’Άnassa Organics selects the finest quality organically farmed Greek products with exceptional taste and fragrance. The products come with highly creative contemporary branding and unique, engaging presentation packs that turn preparation of aromatic herbal drinks into a ritual. The ’Άnassa Organics range is targeted at international markets





2014 Hellenic Entrepreneurship award winners announced 

The HEA, which was launched in 2012, is a program funded and administered by the Libra Group on behalf of The Hellenic Initiative (THI), and aims to help experienced and budding entrepreneurs bring new businesses ideas to fruition through the provision of funding, business support and mentoring.



Posted by Konstantinos Deloudis

Anassa Exceptional Hellenic Products

“An exciting new organic product has recently been launched in the Greek and European markets, a product that is produced and packaged in Greece. The brain child of Afroditi Florou and  Gianna Mattheou, the series of infusions under the name ‘Anassa’...”



Anassa Organics

Anassa is the Greek Earth. An earth swarming with rare, exquisite flavours and aromas, distinctive and ethereal, fit for a queen. Anassa, ‘queen’ in ancient Greek, was also a title bestowed upon someone unique, as a title of great honour. This unique Greek earth, its weather, soil and sunlight yields pure, authentic, fine products, unrivaled in taste and fragrance…”