-Is there such a thing as Pure Happiness?  Would you mind listing the recipe here, Anassa Organics?

-Not at all. Here it is.Go for it!

I grab my notebook so as to jot it all down.

Pure Happiness: It should include Greek Mountain Tea, Mint, Sage and Lemon Balm.

Fair enough, but let me think aloud a bit. What do these Anassa aromatic herbs offer me in every single sip?

Lemon Balm is stimulating and relaxing at the same time. It will uplift my spirit and soothe my soul! Pure magic!

Sage will refresh my memory and help me hold on to good memories only. A great Christmas gift I must admit.

Then dear, dearest Mint! So indispensable in this blend of Anassa aromatic herbs. The natural sweet flavour, the pleasing aroma diving in my mug, wafting up in the whole space, lush green and fresh as if just picked up exclusively for me.

Last but not least Greek Mountain Tea, enormously popular in Greece, considered a panacea actually, used most often in the winter when colds, aches, and pains increase. No wonder it keeps me warm now that the cold is in. It also reminds me of a trip I took once to Peloponese, such a long time ago, enjoying a steaming mug of mountain tea under fifteen feet of pure white snow. What a trip! Greek Mountain Tea: such a comfort drink here in the south!

While you enjoy them, Anassa herbs create a memory of their own. They are here to remind one of happy moments only. It might seem strange but all past moments come back to me with a flavour: it is sometimes gentle Chamomile, some other times Mint or Wild Rose and more frequently Sage and Lemon Balm which are my favourites.

What I should consider is for a candlelight after, after a dinner party I am planning. To fill this amazing tray I own with Anassa Organics Pure Happiness herbs, plenty of cups with hot water and enjoy it all with close, dear, dearest  friends.

And once everyone leaves and just before I turn off the lights and burn out the candles to go to bed, I intend to brew one more Anassa Pure Happiness just for me. I am quite, quite certain it will work.