I am a coffee person: plain, velvet coffee, morning, day and night. For years and years, my nearest and dearest one, has been ritually preparing his precious teas, offering, every single time. I would always decline, heave a sigh of relief and drink my very own cup of coffee. But, there’s no getting away with anything. The other day, he offered a quite tempting, cold, Anassa Organics Lemon Verbena herbal tea to lift spirits: a miracle of sorts! Pure, wonderful aromatic euphoria! And so very tasteful. Such a vibrant, luscious, spellbinding scent! Lemon Verbena improves metabolism, increases fat burning, cleanses, detoxifies, offers a valuable energy boost. I pinched myself, I re-evaluted, and then, I went totally bonkers with it. Beware, it’s addictive!

Well, some things exceed our expectations, don’t they? The only possible answer is yes. We expect the worst and then find ourselves delighted by the really rather lovely, newly discovered. It is with a pang of regret dearest coffee, that I must tell you, I have just decided to take on a new habit: drinking herbal teas.

I should take this further. I should start proselytizing you. There are plenty of reasons, and knowledge is power when it comes to getting the best one ever: splendid Anassa Organics herbal teas and tisanes steeped in hot water. Everything else pales in comparison. And this is not a poor compliment.

Now, there is tea in my mug. Whether you're a fan or not, herbal teas and tisanes can be an acquired taste. Anassa Organics gifted me with a unique, organic, herbal grace, a new treasure, one that has the genuine flavour profile and vibe of the very best Greek countryside. Do not miss the moral of this tale: Anassa Organics herbal tisanes are rather lovely, prejudice is pointless and there is always time to see the light and bring a herbal refreshing change and calmness to your world. Even when, just like me, dear readers, you are one of those people who did not used to like teas.

I am in serious love with Aloysia Citrodora, i.e. Lemon Verbena and so I whisper to myself: ‘from this day forward, I will make myself at least a cup every day, I will find out all about herbs -Anassa Organics page will suffice-, I will throw tea parties and celebrate my newly discovered herbs with my friends’. So, today, is day one. You are all invited to a Lemon Verbena tea party!

Effie Demetriades