May this October be a reminder.

Each October, a variety of organizations in different parts of the world make a collective effort to underline the importance of breast health, awareness, education and research.

The aims of October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is to encourage as many women as possible to join the fight against breast cancer.

Increasing awareness regarding breast cancer is a cause @Anassa Organics has always fought for. With each one sale of our Pure Symmetry Blend one euro is donated to the Greek cancer research center “E.M.E.I.S”.

“E.M.E.I.S” is the “only non-profit charitable organization in Greece which provides breast cancer treatment to patients who seem to appear more vulnerable”.

Among other actions taken by “E.M.E.I.S”, they have provided more than 7.000 free clinical cancer diagnostics tests to women all over Greece residing in isolated, rural areas.

We, at @Annasa Organics, view this month as an opportunity to remind you that there are many ways to join the fight against cancer.

You may provide financial support or volunteering time to ‘E.M.E.I.S’ or to any other similar organization.

You can remind yourself and your beloved ones how vital it is to get annual medical exams.

According to Organizations like ‘Cancer Research UK’, “more than 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage survive the disease”.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is a reminder that getting tested early can save lives and that medical examination should not be a feared process. Getting annual exams should become a normalized, integral part of the year.

This month is about remembering the strong women we are missing but also about remembering that there are many women that need our support. This month is a reminder that the power of fighting against cancer is much stronger than that fear surrounding it.

Whether you are a survivor, a friend, a family member or a fighter, this month is a reminder that there exist women fighting along, a reminder that strength can be greater than fear and that there is power in collective effort.

Even nowadays, millions of women around the world still do not have access to diagnosis or treatment of breast cancer.

May this very one October be a reminder that health care should be a right, not just a luxury.

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Maria Christina Dimitriadi