My Athens garden in May. I've been reflecting upon it lately.

Already becoming a little magical zone. Blooms just starting to peak.  And then bursting overnight, mingling into a single spring-strong scented honeysweet fragrance that takes your breath away. Blissful sunshine to enjoy. Pleasant weather, little by little warmer. And then the dream of early summer rushing in. And then cool refreshing drinks. 

My friends. I've been reflecting upon them lately. My very own high-yield divident stocks. So thankful to be sharing their lovely thoughts, their dreams, schemes and plans and perspectives. 

Anassa Organics. I've been reflecting upon their herbs lately. 

Their herbal teas are considered the epitome of class and beauty. Packages imparting such an aesthetic quality; the value and delights of powerful grace that all my friends simply adore. They can’t all be wrong my friends, now can they?   

Guess what. As was my wont, I invited them all for a spring gathering, so as to marvel at genuine feelings, kindness and sympathy and compassion.

Spring and Anassa Organics Pure Happiness go well hand in hand. Perfect for the occasion. One ethereal manner of beneficial properties, genuine joy and pleasure, inner glow and outer radiation. Whole hand picked flowers of fine peppermint, intense sage, savory mountain tea and lemony melissa. This blend is a wizard that can transport you all over the country. I wish you could see the perfumes and smell them. Splendid herbs steeped in hot water, served with fresh slices of oranges and lemons, in frosty glasses. A great way to stay happy and vibrant. Pure Happiness is such a generous blessing.

I just dreamt that the party could only last longer. Because it just couldn't get any better.

Oh, how I wish it were always 'Spring and everyone’s in love and flowers pick themselves'

Effie Demetriades