Age before beauty?

Herodotus mentions them, the Macrobians, the ones who had mastered longevity. Nowadays however, discovering the Fountain of Youth is probably a difficult task.

Anassa Organics proposes a route along an ancient tradition, one Pure Youth. A herbal mixture consisting of Rosemary, Greek mountain tea, Wildrose and Rock Rose. All herbs rich in polyphenols, presenting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

A recipe for youth? Why I don’t mind if I do find one? I am about to brew myself a Pure Youth herbal tea medley, enjoy it and read about it all. Allow myself to be introduced to the benefits it offers.

Mountain tea: laboratory studies by several Greek universities have already validated the beneficial effect of mountain tea. According to a study performed by the University of Athens, extracts of Sideritis Euboea and Sideritis Clandestina varieties of Greek mountain tea contribute highly in osteoporosis prevention, and aid in protecting against the loss of bone density and in enhancing the mechanical strength of bone. Lately, studies from German scientists regarding Alzheimer's disease derived their best results from the Greek mountains and have credited Greek mountain tea with a grand array of powers against Alzheimer's disease.

Wildrose: does it need any specific recommendations?  It has proven its worth over centuries. An excellent source of vitamins A, K , E , B ( B2 , B3 ) and D, and well known for its antioxidant activity, which strengthens the immune system, provides with energy and well-being, protects the proper functioning of our heart and prevents diseases such as cancer. In addition, it gives us healthy bones, better vision and makes our hair shine, our skin glow. What else could you ask from a single herb mainly when it has been carefully selected by Anassa to be delivered fresh in your mug?

Rockrose, i.e. Cistus Creticus, i.e, Ladania: leaves of the plant, high in antioxidant activity, have the highest content of polyphenols, more than any other herbal plant in the European continent, with an amazing ability to destroy free radicals. In Crete, its place of origin, it is considered a panacea, a herbal medicine that cures all.

Rosemary, being last but not least, offers exceptional therapeutic and medicinal value:  it contains compounds that act against exhaustion and weakness; it stimulates blood circulation, enhances hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, improves concentration and memory. It has proved useful for headaches and migraines, since it elevates mood and therefore, it is used to treat cases of mild to moderate depression. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-rheumatic, and also a heart tonic. It also helps in combating diabetes. 

Now sit quietly, legs lazily crossed. Meditate about all the above, think about the benefits offered in an Anassa Pure Youth storage tin. All you have to do is to find how to get hold of one. One or more. The emphasis is on more.

Getting old? Not if you let Anassa Organics have her way!