Summertime in the glory of the garden. Just me and Anassa Organics. Just sitting, not moving a single bit, navel gazing, spirited mental wandering, sipping frosted tea and watching the stars pop out. 

Now that the living is easy, now that we are moving away from lovely, dark, deep winter into a brighter, joyous universe. Rare, perfect summer days, fresh scents and colours and sounds, weeds and little wild flowers appearing everywhere, afternoon thunderstorms, sultry heat, shady spots, all activities out in the open, getting mosquito bites in cool starry nights, getting the perfect tan in the sun. 

The ideal time to sip clever tea, to start thinking about summer, summer wine, about symmetry, health and youth, renewal and fresh beginnings, bikinis and underwater diving. To bring out crisp summer dresses and open-toe shoes and welcome summer with open arms!

And then, what kind of tea you may ask. I was about to despair myself, when Anassa Organics provided salvation. Eureka! You don’t even have to locate the tea accoutrements: Anassa Organics provide their own. Just put the kettle on and brew youself an organic Pure Symmetry superior quality herbal tisane: Mint, Lemon Balm, Sage and Carob. A panoply of fresh herbs steeping so very nicely. Anassa Organics connoisseurs encapsulate the spirit of an aesthete, greek herbal tradition and a current demand into a unique vibrant flavour. What a taste! What a delicious uplifting freshness. Words come up short when trying to describe the tang and savour of an Anassa Organics Pure Symmetry blend which so gladdens my winter heart. All I can afford is just squeals of delight. Amazingly sweet smelling fragrant flowers and leaves and fruits that could not get any more tasteful and magical. Do try it. Fresh and cold. Nothing says summer more than Anassa Organics Pure Symmetry. The most refreshing tisane this side of the Mediterranean.

Suffice to say, Pure Symmetry blend is a first step on a path to finding your slim, summer self. It accelerates metabolism by helping you burn calories more effectively, offers a diuretic effect, stimulates the body and relieves digestive disorders. Do not underestimate the brilliant power of carob: clinical studies have demonstrated carob to present the largest possible impact on weight loss. This is a lifesaver! Summer, here we come! 

With that being said, I was wondering. Would we have discovered Symmetria and harmonious balance, had it not been for Anassa Organics? I guess not. Therefore, I feel obliged to thank you wholeheartedly Anassa Organics for offering me this wonderful medley! 

Dear, dearest friends, better try it yourselves and let me know what you think. One of these mornings, you’re gonna rise up singing!

Effie Demetriades