Do open an ANASSA ORGANICS package! You will be first met with an unexpected aroma; a natural fragrance that flows out and overwhelms you. You realize that you are about to enjoy a packaged purity; authentic, quality herbs, all genuine products generously provided by the warm, sunny, fertile Greek land.

Tradition & Scientific research

In our effort to combine an old tradition with recent scientific achievements, we sought professional advice from a panel of academics on how to address our goal best. Our purpose was to ensure product quality at all stages, from proper cultivation of herbs to the final result in the cup of a most demanding consumer. The findings of the scientific study were evaluated so as to ensure that the final result will make all the difference. With much thought and attention we considered what Greek herbs are the most important, the regions they thrive in, how they should be grown and collected and how to be packed so as to retain colours, fragrances, taste and beneficial properties in full. And also, in accordance with the guidance provided, what combinations are best suited for different activities and in in what proportions (herbs in blends).


Greek herbs

We insist on the authenticity of Greek herbs. Simply because climate and soil conditions favour unique herbs. Greece hosts 6,500 different species and subspecies of plants, 1,600 of them being endemic, ie. found nowhere else the world, ranking the country among the top five countries with such an impressive wealth of herbs and one of the richest countries in biodiversity globally.

What makes herbs grown in Greek lands so outstanding is their high contents in essential oils, owing to climate, land potential, unique soil texture and soil structure. In collaboration with a scientific team, we selected unique Greek herbs. We pursued the subject of choice with systematic research and meticulous care. Growing conditions, harvesting methods, and product quality were well taken into account. The producers selected are, by majority, small-sized family businesses, distinguished by their modern methods of organic farming and their respect for the environment, land and products.

Collection of herbs is hand picked and clearing is done manually so as not to lose any of the valuable ingredients. The herbs are dried in the most appropriate conditions so that their colour remains vivid, almost like when it was fist picked. With the optimum methods of collecting, drying and packaging the essential oils that provide such rich and natural a flavour remain well preserved. Our effort to provide whole leaves and fruits quarantees high quality consistency and taste.

Organic perfection

We selected organic herbs in order to offer Greek herbs of exceptional quality. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers, no flavour and fragrance additives and enhancers. Organic herbs from Greek regions offering natural, genuine fragrances, flavours and valuable properties. Abudant sunshine, and rich soil composition add even more to these high quality products, free of chemicals, delivered with environmentally friendly methods of production. According to recent research, organic herbs have high concentrations of antioxidant polyphenols and organic acids, renowned for their positive influence on optimal health.

For ANASSA ORGANICS, organic products is an attitude, a way of life: through the utmost respect for both man and environment, organic farming leads to natural balance, conserves biodiversity, higher soil fertility, environmental conservation of ecosystems and reduced pollution.

Organic farming in Greece is just now growing and this makes finding organic herbs difficult, but it adds more value to our products.

Packaging Greek nature

Try one of our ANASSA ORGANICS products! See, feel and then taste the difference of our colourful, aromatic and medicinal herbs!

Our innovative way of serving offers the opportunity to enjoy this great taste everywhere. To be part of the process, the interacting ritual, the substantial quality interruption from a daily routine. This is a gift to yourself. Participate in the process, select leaves and fruits with care and fill the bag to prepare your drink. Besides herbs, the package also contains biodegradable, chlorine-free filters, enough for the posology of the doses corresponding to the contents, along with wooden sticks to support them in your mug.

Thus, we are proud to present a way to combine a revered tradition of unique flavours with a modern innovative way of serving!