The sky is pink and orange, the clouds lavender, the day is over. Still in the same old garden, basked in the rays of a lovely summer day. Remember that long promised herbal tea party? I forgot to mention the mint cake I baked, the colourful flip flops we all wore. Or did I? The photo reminds me of it all, and also of the Anassa herbal teas and tisanes we shared with friends today and all the joy this gathering brought. After all, it's the small things.

My dear friends! I already miss them. You see, they are all, more or less, about to sail to beautiful Greek locales; some to unique places off the beaten track, some others are off in order to re-embrace authenticity, the rest heading to cool, fun and flirtatious destinations. 

For those staying behind, there’s always Anassa Organics. Upon opening an Anassa box, you come across delicate flowers and leaves that were once alive, and even now, in their dried nature, they still seem and taste fresh and alive. Scents reminiscent of pure, abudant Greek countyside, hues evoking sun-faded Grecian islands and mountains; authentic summer inspiration.This is something that only Anassa Organics can do; to capture the whole spectrum of refreshing colours and sweet smelling fragnances that all say summer! In spades! 

Tonight will be just an early night and a lavender bath. And then, just a glass of ice-cold, high tisane. Pure Happiness, i.e. Greek Mountain Tea, Mint, Sage and Lemon Balm. Unfortunately, I can neither instagam nor twitter the amazing aromas, the divine taste of Pure Happiness flowers and leaves. Hats off Anassa Organics for the tea culture, the fresh organic richness of your tisanes, the ones that banished the non-organic from my tea life. 

Dear friends, follow me. Inject some of this vivaciousness, organic bliss, fun and optimism into your world, be it through an Anassa Pure Happiness tisane. Stimulating and yet relaxing, a tisane rich in polyphenolic compounds, diterpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, all in your own frosted glass. Just brew it, add some ice cubes, and there, you have it all: Summer in a glass. I’d call myself a fool to ask for more.

What a pity every day isn’t like today. What if we could just repeat lovely days over and over again? But then, some days are just unforgettable, aren’t they? And for that, despite all else, we remain grateful. 
Do raise a glass. Dearest all, here’s a toast to the rest of the summer; the one that will surprise us! 

Effie Demetriades