• GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2020-2014
    All Anassa products were distinguished in the internationally recognized competition Great Taste Awards  of the British organization Guild of Fine Food. The Great Taste Awards food awards, presented by the ‘blind tasting’ system, are the largest and most reliable certification system for quality food and beverages, internationally. Among 12,000 products from around the world, the company received the absolutely top Ambient product of the year 2016 for its product, Lemon Verbena. Three of Anassa tisanes were awarded in the 50 best products for 2016 & 2017 (Top50 foods). Having collected a total of 36 gold stars, Anassa Organics, adopting internationally recognized management and certification systems of its products, continues its course with a vision of unparalleled, unsurpassed quality.





  • Business Development by OPAP : ANASSA ORGANICS was selected by the “OPAP Forward” program, implemented in collaboration with the international non-profit organization and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to expand their business objectives.


  • Professional Chamber of Athens Sustainable-Innovative & Responsible Entrepreneurship AWARD 2016