Gift Sets in elegant stylish recyclable packages.
The perfect tea gift for herbal tea lovers, a great gift to offer to friends and family, acquaintances or customers.

Gift Selection Boxes

Package with two tisanes: Choose two of our tin boxes collection in a stylish recyclable box with golden printed wafer paper. Alternatively, the package may include a tisane and a cup *

Package with four tisanes of your choice: Choose four organic herbal blends of our tin boxes collection, and offer them in a box wrapped with the Anassa Organics mythical creatures printed wafer paper. Alternatively choose two tisanes and two cups*


*Glass cup. There is a word written at the bottom of the cup. On filling the cup with hot tea, the word is transformed, comes alive, moves, is reflected.
It is the simplest way to realise that the pleasure of an Anassa hot beverage can transform your daily moments almost magically yet completely naturally.