The Anassa experience begins upon opening the tin box. An amazing first impression, bright colours and fresh overwhelming fragrances. Our precious whole leaves and blossoms.

This is only just the begining. There follows a ritual, a real indulgence, a pure pleasure. Fill the filter with Anassa organic herbs and immerse in boiling water. This allows for the full range of the essences and fragrances to waft up and out of your cup.

A few minutes later, just before you start sipping, the herbs infuse their unique qualities, bringing you the scents, the seductive tastes, the beneficial properties of Greek nature.

No harmful toxic chemicals, just purity and herbal healing potency.

Taste one Anassa experience tisane. You will find several that are just right for you. Refreshing and uplifting, they will seduce and satisfy both your body and soul.

Summer ritual
You shall find wellness in a mug full of Anassa herbs. Do not deprive yourself, not this summer! Prepare your own tisane, add ice and all the fruits you prefer and enjoy a cool drink with wonderful benefits. It will refresh you, it will benefit you, it will offer endless enjoyment. It will.