Sustainability & Environment

Operations and practices at Anassa Organics are governed by respect for the community and the natural environment.

We aim to provide customers with quality herbal teas and tisanes in biodegradable packages that are environmentally friendly and we are doing our best so as to meet the environmental challenges of the future.

Our highest priority is to protect our consumers’ health.
We constantly carry out quality controls, we comply with the highest standards of hygiene and we operate with ISO 22: 000 to ensure the safety of products.

In this reflection, we operate with people as central value. Our prime concern is to ensure the safety and health of our employees. We foster a culture of respect and a safe working space. After all, the success of our company depends on our employees. We offer employment especially to women, recognizing barriers they often face to access employment.

We encourage a healthy balance of work and personal life.

We opt for specialist herb growers who share our vision and choices for a clean environment. We support and encourage them towards organic farming, respect for the land, a natural way of harvesting and drying of herbs.

We are constantly looking for solutions for packaging materials that do not burden the environment and are completely recyclable. All our packaging materials are recyclable and we are constantly striving for improving them and minimizing the impact on the environment.

We do not use artificial additives or sweeteners.

Our passion is to show that our herbs and tisanes not only have great taste and aromas, but most importantly, they keep us healthy and strong.